Elliot Lloyd Seminar on US Taxation & Investment Options

Our Partners at Elliott Lloydwould are running a number of seminars on "US Taxation & Investment Options" in the WTC Den Haag and the American International School of Rotterdam that they believe will be of interest to the American Expat community based in Hilversum and het Gooi. See invitation attached.

The seminars will address the issues of FATCA, how and what should be filed with the IRS.  Dutch taxation implications on US non residents and FATCA compliant options to save and invest.

The seminar is highly informative and educational presented by professional, US lawyers, US and Dutch tax advisors and US Wealth Managers.  The seminars will follow with a Q&A time and of course drinks and snacks.

In attendance there will be US non residents, greencard holders, accidental Americans caught within the FATCA reporting requirements and representatives from multinational HR departments who offer support to US employees.

We look forward to welcoming you to the seminar, please click on the Image for Invitation.