Dress it up….. Paint it, its magic!

Calling all creative-minded ladies and gents…

Once upon a time in Hilversum, there was … 

a new gold mine for creative minds …


If you have never heard of Annie Sloan chalk paints, you might soon find yourself giving the old Ikea table a brand new look, or rescuing the old dark piece of inherited furniture from your cellar and brush it up to life again…all this without the hard work of sanding anything down! Annie Sloan paint is so versatile you can even paint your shoes with it…to good effect!

See for yourself and visit Belen’s tasteful, colourful and inspiring new shop in town centre called “Dress it up”. It is full of her genuine warmth of character and enthusiasm and of her unique pieces and creations. 

You can buy them ready made or Belen will happily advise you on how to do it yourself, help you chose your style and colours. You can even play around with the paint, try the textures and mix the colours or browse through Annie Sloan books in English!

But be careful, Belen’s creative passion is contagious and you might soon find yourself wishing to revamp your entire furniture collection…I am!!!

Learn how to do it yourself and Keep an eye on facebook for forthcoming workshops and on the soon coming website:

Happy discovery! Cheers!


Dress it up

Wagenmakersplein 3

1211SB Hilversum