The Flower Bug

The flower bug

Welcome to Holland where there is no vaccination against what I call…the flower bug!!

It is very easy to catch and the manifestations are that you will feel the itch to indulge in buying flowers on a very regular basis as you buy milk or bread for breakfast! Vases that once only came out of cupboards on special occasions will most likely get a promotion!
So, how do you catch the flower bug??? Well, very easily: the incredible variety of choice and colourful bouquets on offer at every street corner all year round and on the market, combined with very affordable prices will make you want to enhance your home on a weekly basis, as well as treat your friends -male and female alike, as the Dutch do, making flower buying part of ordinary social life. 

The side effects are …addiction…as flowers also come in fun and varied pot sizes and shapes that are hard to resist especially at this time of the year! And once the flowering is over, you’ll want to continue filling them up!

I am afraid there is no cure once you have caught the bug…you are likely to choke on flower prices and style when abroad (I can at least talk for France, UK and Switzerland!)  so if you have contracted the flower bug, be sure to spend valentine, birthdays and wedding anniversary in Holland! 


The date is fast approaching, from 20th March until 17th May, don’t miss out on the most amazing flower gardens in the country :