Cinderella: English Language version

The JT Hilversum is showing an English language version of the new Cinderella, which is currently No 1 at the US box office. Below is the trailer and current times.


The current times:

Sunday 16:20
Sunday 18:40
Monday 18:40
Tuesday 18:40
Wednesday 18:40


The following text from the BBFC is a great overview of the film for parents to judge the suitablity of the film for their children

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

CINDERELLA is live action version of the fairy story about a poor young woman who leaves her glass slipper behind at royal ball, setting Prince Charming on a quest to find his beloved.

There are some scenes in which characters are seen to be upset after hearing sad news. A young woman cries by the bedside of her ill mother before hugging her to say goodbye. She also cries as she learns of the death of her father. A young man weeps as he talks to his dying father.

There are occasional moments of action when characters are briefly in danger. Two characters are pushed up against the walls of a greenhouse as a pumpkin grows out of control. Later, a coach teeters on the brink as it races near a cliff edge.

A couple of characters bully another by calling her horrible names such as 'Dirty' and puling at her dress, tearing it.