Hilversum Property Market

With the busiest quarter for property coming up here in the Hilversum and with property prices still 17.6% lower that before the financial crisis we have arranged a property seminar on the 29th of October to help navigate the options of buying or selling a house here in Hilversum. 

We will have two local markallars run through the current housing market and answer any questions on searching or buying a property in the Netherlands. Added to this we have a Notaris come in to explain the legal aspects of purchasing a house.

So if you are interested in purchasing a property or already own a property and need some questions answered on renting/selling please come along and have a drink with us !!

I have included a quick snapshot of the current market the red line is the price (x1000 euros) and the blue is number of property sold (time period is quarters from Q3 2009)


The graph shows that although the volume is increasing dramatically the price is remaining stable, suggesting the Dutch are back in the mood to sell.

If you are interested please sign up below:

29th October


's-Gravelandseweg 33B
1211BP Hilversum

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