Marks & Spencer simply food with BP

'OurEndeavour are delighted to announce that we will be working with BP & Marks & Spencer to help promote there new locations and campaigns to our growing expat community. Please make sure you watch this space for future updates and events that we will jointly be bringing to the attention of our wonderful community'.

Alex & Hugo.


Try it & Love it Campaign




Breaking News!!!

Monday 2nd June saw The Try it & Love it stickers come back following popular demand. If people buy for at least € 5,- on Marks & Spencer Food products in one of the 6 BP locations with Marks & Spencer Food they can get discount by sticking on the discount stickers. Each sticker has a value of € 1,-. They can use one sticker per product and 2 stickers per transaction. The stickers are available at our 6 BP locations.

I know I will certainly be taking advantage of this great promotion, we hope you choose to as well.








Tuesday 12th May saw the second phase of the Try it & Love it campaign on Marks & Spencer Foods at with BP.

From May 12th till June 2nd all customers buying for at least € 5,- on Marks & Spencer Food at BP will get a free 'Try it & Love it' cool bag to keep your purchased items cool. Besides that they have hidden 50 vouchers each with a value of € 50,- inside of the 30.000 cool bags which are available for this promotion. Finding one of these wonderful voucher's means the winners can shop for € 50,- on M&S Food at BP.

So what are you waiting for, visit one of the location we have previously listed and enjoy your chance to be one of the lucky winners.





Marks & Spencer Simply Food with BP - Locations


As you maybe aware through our social media pages, we recently took a little trip to Utrecht for one sole purpose….. Yes, M&S Simply Food at BP!

It was actually the first BP forecourt to open in the Netherlands with an M&S Simply Food back in September 2013. There are now actually 6 BP forecourts and we have listed the address's below as sometimes it can be a choir to locate certain posts on social media therefor we thought it important these goldmine locations can be easily found for all you Expats.

So if your keen to get your hands on some some good old British sausages, Cheddar Cheese, Scones, Pork Pies or even some Cosy Crumpets then you now where to go.


Lunetten BP

Lunettenbaan 100

3524 LN 




City: Oegstgeest

Elsgeest BP

Motorway A44, No.200

2343 ZZ



City: Amsterdam

BP Kadoelen
Ijdoornlaan 11
1121 DS Landsmeer


City: Harmelen

Bijeveld BP

Rijksweg A12 zz




City: Rijswijk

Rotterdamseweg 70





City: Amsterdam

BP Ode Haagseweg
Oude Haagseweg 18
1066 BW Amsterdam