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This is not a very entertaining topic but unfortunately an important one especially if you have a little dare devil toddler…and because there are lots of nasty bugs and sicknesses going around at the moment…here are the emergency contact numbers:

The Emergency number for life threatening situations in Holland is the same as the European one   112

There are 2 local hospitals in our area referred to as Tergooi or Ziekenhuis (the word for Hospital)


       Tergooi Hilversum                                  Tergooi Blaricum

       Riebeeckweg 212                                   Rijksstraatweg 1

       1213XZ Hilversum                                   1261AN Blaricum

      Tel: 035 -6887777                                    Tel: 035 -5391111


 For Accidents and Emergency Departments at the Hospital

Location Blaricum  tel: 088 753 16 60

Location Hilversum  tel: 088 753 15 60


During normal surgery hours (8’00-17 00) but if your doctor is not available, you can contact the Central Family Practice (Huisartsencentrale) on (0900) 15 15 who will refer you to another available surgery/doctor.

 For an urgent doctor’s consult out of surgery hours or at the week–end, for the areas of:

's-Graveland, Ankeveen, Baarn, Blaricum, Bussum, Driemond, Eemnes, Hilversum, Holland Rading, Houses, Kortenhoef, Lage Vuursche Laren NH, Loosdrecht, Muiden, Muiderberg, Naarden, Nederhorst den Berg, Nigtevecht, Soestdijk, Vreeland and Weesp. You need to ring the Huisartsenpost at Tergooi Blaricum Tel: (0900) 93 59.

After a telephone assessment of the urgency and situation, you will usually be asked to come in and be seen by a doctor.

I hope you will never need to use these numbers…but keep them safe in case you do…