The main train station of Hilversum 

Hilversum is situated twenty kilometres southeast of Amsterdam and twenty kilometres north of Utrecht. Hilversum is a town where urban facilities and nature blend together due to it being surrounded by heathland, woods, lakes and smaller quaint villages in the golden area (Het Gooi) of Noord Holland. It has a diverse community of some 86,000 residents and is the Media Capital of the Netherlands. The main national broadcasters and other significant entertainment companies across music and gaming have their head offices and studio space on the Media Park located towards the North of Hilversum. 

Hilversum also plays host to a large number of International companies who have European headquarters in the area, such companies include the likes of Nike, Spil Games, Hunkemoller and International Flavor and Fragrances (IFF) to name but a few. With its close proximity and excellent rail links from three train stations plus the A27 & A1 motorways providing excellent access to Amsterdam and Utrecht along with Schiphol International Airport being only thirty minutes away it is no wonder why so many have chosen Hilversum as their choice for business location.

The Gijsbrecht closed for puremarket a local Dutch food market.

Upon arriving in Hilversum either by train or motor way it gives a very different impression of the true city which lies just beyond the exterior. Once you start exploring and delve deeper into the city you find a delightful mix of modern a traditional Dutch living.  Explore and satisfy your retail craving at any of the 6 shopping centres, offering a great variety of high street retail and boutique shops (awarded 3rd for most varied shopping area in the country). Why not tickle your taste buds in the numerous bars and restaurants where many International cuisines are readily available. On the other hand if you are looking for a little more quite a peaceful living the heather, lakes and woodlands are a 10 mins cycle from the center of the city. Although the center has the feeling of a major city, Hilversum has a number of smaller areas which have a more village feel such as Gijsbrecht van Amstelstraat which is a prime example of this with its small boutique shops.

Activities for international families are hugely varied from one of the many play parks in the area (link for parks section), or visit one of the 3 cinemas which offer both international films and mainstream English language films. Of course it goes without saying that there are many sports clubs available to join aswell as a golf course, two swimming pools and numerous fitness centres. Hilversum also boast great nightlife with some six nightclubs and there is also a theatre featuring cabaret dance music and drama.

Dudok's signature building the Raadhuis

A remarkable attraction architecturally in Hilversum is the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid) which a photograph of can be seen on our mission statement page. It looks astonishing on the outside and the inside presents an historical masterpiece, for it keeps record of all of the still existing Dutch television and radio broadcasts. The centre of Hilversum is remarkable as well, especially its architecture. The city’s architect Willem Marinus Dudok put his mark on the town in the first half of the twentieth century. One of the most prominent buildings worth visiting is the City Hall (Raadhuis). Property in the Hilversum market place can move extremely quickly and  contains a broad range of housing from modern multi level apartments to monumental villas. To be best advised on the market place it is best advised to have appointed a search agent as high demand in the area and a shortage of property can cause delay in the home finding process.

IPS - Hilversum (International Primary School)

Hilversum has two international schools catering for both primary and secondary IB students, both offer a real local community feel for expats with families from all over the word combining to create a wonderful cultural mix.

We hope we intrigued you into what this great location has to offer so when first visiting Hilversum please take the time to explore the city both on foot and bike as it has a huge amount to offer you as a new home.